10.14 The Executioner's Song (transcript)

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10.14 The Executioner's Song

Written by: Bob Berens

Directed by: Phil Sgriccia

Air Date: February 17, 2015

(NOTE: ♪♪ Indicates music playing)


[Trish and Rowena talking in the dungeon from 10.09]

TRISH: What's your sin?

[clips from 10.07 of the waiter and Elle dying, Rowena stabbing Guthrie in 10.10]

ROWENA: I was a horrible mother.

[clip from 10.09 of Rowena kissing Crowley on the head]

[from 10.10]

CROWLEY: You are shamelessly sucking up so that I'll free you so you can run amok and gum up my operation once again.

ROWENA: Who is there left for you to trust?

[from 9.11]

CAIN: You and I are very much alike.

DEAN: Except I didn't kill my brother.

CAIN: The Mark can be transferred to someone who's worthy.

[clip of the Mark passing from Cain to Dean]

[Cain in 1863 breaking down a door]

CAIN: But when I call you, use the Blade on me.

[Cain fighting a room full of demons]

[Sam and Dean in Baby from 10.13]

DEAN: Don't you think if Cain knew how to remove the Mark, he'd have done it?

DEAN: I'm done trying to find a cure.

SAM: Cas is so close.

DEAN: Maybe Cas is onto something with Cain, but the answer is not out there. It's with me.

[clip of Dean in his room from 10.09]

DEAN: So I'm gonna fight it till I can't fight it anymore.


[Scene opens on an inmate laying on his bunk in his cell.

Scene changes to a back view of a prison guard walking down the cellblock banging his night stick on the cell doors.

The guard looks into on of the cells and continues walking.]

GUARD 1: Lights out in five.

[Switch back to inmate who sits up on his cot.]

INMATE: Hey, any mail?

[Guard stops outside the cell as inmate looks out the small window in the door.]

GUARD 1: Oh, the usual... postcards from anti-penalty folk, proposals from your lady admirers.

You said you were done with those.

[Guard walks away from cell.]

INMATE: Hey, how's your wife, by the way... Amanda? That's her name, isn't it? You know I killed an Amanda once? My fourth. I'd do your wife the same, buddy, only slower.

[Guard turns around and walks back towards cell, facing inmate.]

GUARD 1: Two weeks from Tuesday Tommy.

[Guard walks away]

TOMMY: Yeah. Let's do it! Let's do it now, tonight!

[Guard is at gate at the end of the row. He signals to a guard (Guard 2) who is watching the surveillance cameras to open the gate.

After Guard 1 is through the gate Guard 2 steps away from the cameras to get coffee. We see his perspective of the various camera views of the prison.

Switch to Tommy in his cell. He sits on his cot and hangs his head.

Switch to a long view of the cellblock. We hear electricity crackling and we see a view from the floor of a man’s legs stepping in front of the locked gate. The lights blink off and when they come back on the man is on the other side of the gate.

Switch to Guard 2 making his coffee as Guard 1 walks into the room, and back to the cellblock where the man is walking down the row.]

GUARD 2: Tolliver giving you the usual grief?

GUARD 1: Nothing new.

[Switch to a front view of the man (who we now see is Cain) walking down the cellblock, the lights going out as he passes each cell. Scene switches a few times between Tommy in his cell and Cain’s feet walking down the row.]

GUARD 2: I can't wait till he's gone.

[Guard 1 glances at the monitors and sees Cain walking down the darkened cellblock. He walks closer and sees Cain standing outside Tommy’s cell. Tommy looks out his window. The camera monitors blink off and when they come back on the cellblock is lit and Cain is gone. The Guards look at each other and shrug their shoulders.

Switch to Tommy in his cell looking nervous. He turns around and Cain is standing in his cell.]

TOMMY: Who the hell are you? How'd you get in here?!

CAIN: I've gone by many names in this life. The father of murder is one of them. And by the state's count, you've taken six lives yourself, Tommy. Although by my count, it's nine.

[Tommy circles around Cain with his back to the cell walls.]

CAIN: Oh, come on. You aren't one of those "it wasn't me" type fellas, are you? [Tommy clenches his hand into a fist at his side.] Because I know you're a killer, just like me.

[Tommy smiles at gets ‘wide-eyed’]

TOMMY: Yeah, I did it.

CAIN: Honesty.

[Tommy throws a punch towards Cain. Cain grabs Tommy’s fist and holds it in the air]

CAIN: That's good. That's the spirit!

[Cain flings Tommy’s arm down to the side and we see the handle of his knife sticking out between them]


CAIN: Now, I bet you're wondering what I'm doing here. Did I come to punish you, or save you?


[Cain pulls the knife from it’s sheath and leans and whispers into Tommy’s ear]

The truth is, Tommy... I'm here to do both.

[Cain stabs Tommy in the stomach. We see the tip of the knife come out the back of Tommy’s shirt. A single drop of blood drips off the blade and Cain and Tommy disappear.]

Title Card


[The Impala driving down the road. We see on the screen ‘Polunsky Unit, Livingston, West Virgina’.]

DEAN: The Zodiac?

SAM: Seven victims.

[Switch to interior of the Impala]

DEAN: Dahmer?

SAM: Seventeen.

DEAN: That's some freaky stuff, man. It's a whole new side of you.

SAM: It's called true crime, Dean. It's a hobby.

DEAN: No. Bass fishing, needlepoint ...that's a hobby, okay? Collecting serial-killer stats... that's... that is an illness.

[The Impala turns into the prison entrance]

DEAN: Get your badge.

SAM: Yeah.

[They pull up to an intercom at the prison gate.]

VOICE ON INTERCOM: Hello, gentlemen. State the nature of your visit.

DEAN: From the office of the Inspector General. Got an appointment with the warden.

VOICE ON INTERCOM: Thank you. Parking is to the left. Look for visitor parking only.

DEAN: All right, so what are the stats on this, uh, vanishing act here?

SAM: Tommy Tolliver was convicted of six murders back in '09, but those are just the ones that stuck. According to the news, he escaped from a locked cell on death row, this inexplicable, Houdini-esque escape.

[As the gate is slowly opened and Sam and Dean pull through the gate we see several views of the outside of the prison, armed guards on horseback, guards in the guard tower]

DEAN: So what are we thinking? Some sort of a mass-murdering magician?

SAM: Yeah, Or a teleporting demon or a who knows what that can walk through Supermax walls. Could be in our wheelhouse.

DEAN: Yeah, your wheelhouse. "Hobby."

[The Warden is crouching down in Tommy’s cell, presumably looking at the drop of blood on the floor.]

DEAN: Warden Skeiff?

[The Warden stands up and faces Sam and Dean at the entrance to the cell]

SAM: Uh, Inspectors Moore and Ranaldo. We spoke on the phone.

WARDEN: Yeah. Welcome to death row. Have a look.

[Sam and Dean enter the cell]

WARDEN: But good luck finding anything out of TDJC compliance.

[The Warden leaves the cell and Dean signals to Sam to follow the Warden. Sam turns to leave as Dean pulls the EMF detector out of his pocket.]

SAM: So, why don't you tell me what happened?

WARDEN: The night Tolliver disappeared, our little ship was running as tight as ever, and I got documentation to prove it.

SAM: Do you stand by what the press is saying...

[Dean walks around the cell with the EMF detector and crouches to test under Tommy’s cot.

SAM: ...locked cell, no security breach, no guard misconduct?

WARDEN: Which press? Mainstream media is calling for my head, said I was grossly incompetent. But the tabloids, they're saying ...

SAM: They're saying it's magic. That Tommy pulled off some dark miracle to escape. You saying you believe that?

WARDEN: I'm saying there was some kind of magician on the block last night, but it wasn't Tommy.

[Scene changes to the surveillance room (Sam, Dean, Warden Skeiff and a guard sitting at the monitors).]

WARDEN: That's right before Tolliver vanished.

[view of the monitors. The three camera views on the bottom go dark and come back on]

SAM: Was that a brownout?

WARDEN: That was my thought, but then...

[monitor shows Cain walking onto the cellblock]

SAM: Is it one of the guards?

WARDEN: Nope. But I don't know who he is, how he got in, or how he and Tolliver got out.

DEAN: Can you zoom in on that?

WARDEN: Can and have. Too dark to make out much of anything.

DEAN: Do it. [Dean leans closer to the monitor as the guard zooms in] Freeze it. Blow it up.

[Dean stares at the image of Cain on the monitor and holds his forearm as Sam looks over.]

[In what appears to be an abandoned room, a phone rings on a desk. The screen shows "Incoming Call Dean". Blurred in the background is a man tied to a chair.]

MAN IN CHAIR: Gonna answer that?

CASTIEL [off screen]: Not at this moment.

[Switch to the man’s face. He has red hair and black eyes]

DEMON 1: You're wasting your time. [Phone continues ringing in the background] I told you, I don't know where he is. Me and Cain ain't friends. He kills demons. Low-level guys like me keep our distance.

CASTIEL: You sure about that?

[Castiel comes around from behind the demon and slices his arm with an angel blade]

DEMON 1: All right! All right.

[Demon’s eyes clear to normal as Castiel stands in front of him]

He's been seen, past few months, making passes through Bogg's marsh, one county over.

No one knows why, what for.

Like I said, we keep our distance.

[Castiel points the top of the angel blade directly in front of the demons eye]

CASTIEL: And that's all you know.

DEMON 1: Yes. Yes, I swear.

[Castiel drops the blade by his side. The demon exhales loudly and hangs his head in relief.]


[Castiel stabs the demon in the stomach with the angel blade]

DEMON 1: Aaaaah!

[Castiel stands as the demon dies. We hear a voice off screen]

DEMON 2: 86 last quarter,...

[Scene changes to a hand held video game. There is a blurry image of a person off to the side]

DEMON 2: ... while I only get credit for 48.

[Camera pans from video game to Crowley. Another demon (Demon 3) is standing to the side behind him]

DEMON 2: A-and I was working with Alban on nearly all of those soul jobs.

CROWLEY: [while playing video game, bored] If you don't arrive at a point within the next 10 seconds, so help me, I'll ...

[switch to face view of demon who was speaking off camera]

DEMON 2: As a crossroads demon, I have received less credit than I am due for soul collections... my king.

[Crowley smirks and roll his eyes]

CROWLEY: So you're looking for a promotion?

[Wide view of room shows Demon 2 standing with papers in his hands and several other demons sitting around him]

DEMON 2: No. I'm just asking... I'm merely suggesting that I get credit for the work that I did beside Alban. Equal credit for equal work.

CROWLEY: Fine. You can have your credit.

DEMON 2: Thank you.

[Rowena is in the background, sitting on a chair and doing needlepoint.]

ROWENA: The nerve of the wee man! Ugh!

CROWLEY: Mother, you have, uh, an opinion you'd like to share with the room?

[Rowena leans forward in her chair to look at Crowley]

ROWENA: Oh, no. Private thought, nothing to do with you or the affairs of the court. [she sits back and then leans forward again] It's just not what I would do.

CROWLEY: Oh, enlighten us all. What. Would. you do?

ROWENA: This demon asks you to equalize credit for his and another's work... split the baby, if you will. Well, (laughing) then I would well and truly split the baby.

[The demon looks over to Rowena fearfully]

I'd cut this pulling, pathetic, grade-grubbing git in two, literally, then I'd nail his bloody halves to the doors of the court... a reminder to all not to waste the king's time.

Whiners beget whiners. You can't reward behavior like that... why I never gave in when you asked for sweeties as a child, no matter how much you cried. Well, you were a very... [puffs out her cheeks] chunky child, darling. Bit of a bloater.

CROWELY: That's enough.

DEMON 3 (who was been standing at Crowley’s side): What'll it be, sir?

CROWLEY: Let's do... What she said.

DEMON 2: Wha... N-no, no, no!

[Two demons come forward, grab Demon 2 under the arms and drag him from the room]

DEMON 2: No, no, no, no! Come on!

ROWENA: That's my boy.

[Scene changes to Dean walking away from a food truck, talking on his cell phone and carrying a try with food and drinks. He hangs up the phone and gets into the Impala]

SAM: So?

DEAN: Cas is still not answering.

SAM: [sitting in the passenger seat with his laptop open] Great. Well, I have been looking into Tommy Tolliver, seeing if I can figure out why Cain went to the trouble of springing him.

DEAN: And?

SAM: Still pretty unclear. I did find this blotter out of Orlando about his dad, Leon Tolliver. Uh, like father, like son. Convicted felon, fresh warrant for an assault charge, but he's gone missing, hasn't been seen in a week.

DEAN: You think the two are connected?

SAM: I mean, the police just assumed he fled the warrant, but if Cain took Tommy, it might not be a coincidence.

DEAN: So, what, Cain's got a vendetta against the entire family?

SAM: Maybe.

[Dean’s cell phone rings and he pulls it out of his pocket]

DEAN: It's Cas. [puts phone on speaker] Hey, where you at?

CASTIEL: Illinois.

DEAN: Hey, Cas, we got a lead. Cain abducted a Texas death row inmate named Tommy Tolliver.

[Switch to Cas crouching down in a wooded area holding a white sneaker with the letters ‘TDJC’ on the bottom]

CASTIEL: He's dead.

DEAN: What? How do you know?

CASTIEL: Call it an educated guess. Cain has been very busy.

[Castiel stands up and looks around. Camera pulls back to show Castiel standing a clearing surrounded by dozens of fresh graves]

DEAN: Okay, where are you? We'll come to you.

[Camera view of someone watching Castiel through tree branches. Castiel looks around uncomfortably.]

CASTIEL: I'll call you back.

[Castiel turns around and Cain is standing there]

CAIN: Hello, Castiel.


[Scene opens on Cain and Castiel standing among the fresh graves.]

CASTIEL: What have you done?

CAIN: These bodies? Just cleaning up a mess I made a long time ago.

CASTIEL: Cain, I know what you were. But you'd resisted for so long.

CAIN: What can I say? I got the taste back. [Cain walks closer to Castiel as he talks] With Abaddon's army gunning for me, I had to take up arms again, and I liked how it felt.

CASTIEL: Those were demons. These...

[Cain crouches down and picks up a muddy stuffed teddy bear]

CAIN: Humans. Eh, the Mark thirsts for all kinds.

CASTIEL: This is a massacre.

CAIN: Yes. And soon it'll be a genocide. [Cain drops the bear] My children, my whole poisoned issue. A lot of them out there right now... killers, fighters, thieves, some more peaceful than others. But they still carry it... the disease. If the Mark wants blood, I'll give it mine.

CASTIEL: You'll kill them all? You are Adam and Eve's firstborn. Your descendants are legion.

CAIN: At most, I'm culling... 1 in 10.

CASTIEL: Of everyone.

CAIN: I've got time. How's Dean, by the way? I hear he did good, took Abaddon down. [Castiel looks away] He's not well?

CASTIEL: Even with the First Blade hidden, Dean is losing his fight against the Mark. If we don't find a cure...

CAIN: There is no cure. I'm living proof of that. But don't worry about Dean. I'll get to him, in due time.

[Castiel slides the angel blade out of his coat sleeve and into his hand.]

CAIN: Sorry, Castiel. You're not on my list.

[Cain disappears]

[Crowley and Rowena walk down a corridor in Hell North]

ROWENA: Crowley...

[They stop walking as Crowley turns to Rowena]

ROWENA: Long day. I'm sure you must be tired. But I've had a wee idea.


ROWENA: The name Olivette means little to you. A high-ranking member of the grand coven, the one who led the charge against me. Really, it's a grudge, I won't even deny it, but... she's just come back to the states, and I thought if you, in your kingly beneficence, would be so kind as to assist me, now would be an excellent time to strike.

CROWLEY: Well done, Mother. Next time you run a long con, let more than a few hours of suspicious, entirely uncharacteristic usefulness pass before making your ask.

ROWENA: You think I had an ulterior motive, that I've been manipulating you?

CROWLEY: You couldn't be more transparent.

ROWENA: [laughs] Well, duh! Of course I was manipulating you! I am your mother, after all. Manipulation's who we are. Oh. My wee sausage [she holds the sides of Crowley's face], what matter is it that I had a motive? We had fun today, didn't we?

CROWLEY: It was fine.

ROWENA: We could have more. Get out of this dump, a break from these foul-smelling suck-ups, flex our muscles in the real world and in the process take out a miserable, old witch who's been standing in my way for centuries. What do you say?

[Crowley looks at Rowena and turns and walks away. Rowena is clearly frustrated.]

[Castiel Sam and Dean in the bunker library. Sam and Dean are moving around the table. Dean is looking at files.]

CASTIEL: I'm sorry I couldn't bring better news, Dean.

DEAN: It's not your fault, Cas.

SAM: Thank you. [hangs up phone and sits down in front of his laptop] All right, the sheriff gave me a few more names, some preliminary I.D.s on the bodies.

DEAN: And?

SAM: And it seems to fit Cas' story. I mean, there's no way to tell the relation to Cain, obviously, but he's wiping out entire families, one after another.

DEAN: [sighs] So who's next? Is he done with the Tollivers?

SAM: Uh, I think so. I mean, Leon didn't have any siblings or any other children I can see, and Tommy was never married, so I... [Information scrolls on the computer screen] Oh, come on. Damn it.


SAM: Tommy did have a son, estranged, who lives with his mother in Ohio, uh,...

[a birth certificate pops up on the computer screen]

SAM: Austin Reynolds, 12 years old.

DEAN: Is the kid still alive?

[Sam opens up a Facebook page]

SAM: As of an hour ago, yeah. He updated his status. But, I mean, come on. It's a kid. You don't really think Cain would ...

CASTIEL: Yes, he would.

DEAN: There were old men in those graves, Sam, women. I mean, you heard Cas. It's a fire sale. Everyone must go.

[Dean turns and walks away]

SAM: Where you going?

[Dean turns back to face Sam and Castiel]

DEAN: We know where Cain's gonna be. The kid's in danger.

SAM: Okay, so what, we track him down to Ohio, and then what?

DEAN: Then I'll do what I have to do.

[Camera closes in on Deans face]

DEAN: I'll kill Cain.


[Dean is pulling a shotgun off of the wall in his room in the bunker. He turns and puts into a bag he’s packing on his bed. Sam walks in.]

DEAN: When he gave me the Mark, Cain said that this day would come, that after I killed Abaddon, I would have to come and put him down.

SAM: Great. So you're taking orders from a madman.

DEAN: No, he wasn't mad then.

[Camera turns towards Sam and we see Castiel in the doorway to Dean’s room behind Sam]

DEAN: Cain resisted the Mark for a long time, then I came, kicking up trouble about the Blade. I sent him down this path. This is on me.

SAM: It doesn't mean you have to be the one to go after him.

DEAN: Yes, it does. And there's only one thing that can kill him.

SAM: The Blade.

[Castiel walks into the room between Sam and Dean]

CASTIEL: Dean's right.

SAM: Dean, wielding the Blade against Cain himself... [Dean closes his hand over the Mark] Win or lose, you may never come back from that fight.

DEAN: I know.

[Rowena and Crowley talking in a chamber in Hell North.]

ROWENA: I'll need a demon force to get us past her security. 2 units of 10 should suffice. Once we're inside, we'll want to throw her off guard, mess with her head a little bit. So I thought... [Rowena holds up a small dark amber colored bottle] Rune of Amaranth.

[Cellphone ringing]

CROWLEY: Illusion work. Smart.

[Crowley holds up his cellphone and we see ‘Not Moose’ on the screen.]

CROWLEY: Excuse me. I'll be right back. [Crowley walks away and picks up the call] Well, well, well, if it isn't...

DEAN: [in his room in the Bunker] Cain's back. He's gone dark, and I need the Blade.

CROWLEY: Why would I do that for you?

DEAN: Because you have as much reason to want Cain off the board as anyone. Cain has a kill list, and you're on it. [Dean raises his eyebrows at someone off screen] What do you say, Crowley? You in?


DEAN: Good. I'll text you the location.

[Dean grabs his duffel off his bed and walks out of his room]

[Crowley walking back into the chamber where he and Rowena were talking]

ROWENA: Once she's well flustered, I've got an especially nasty spell to finish her off with.

CROWLEY: Mother, it's not happening.


CROWLEY: Not today.

ROWENA: Where are you going?

CROWLEY: Something's come up. Olivette can wait.

[Crowley opens a panel in the wall and pushes a button. A drawer opens up underneath containing the First Blade in a leather wrap]

CROWLEY: This can't.

[Crowley takes the blade out of the drawer, closes it and faces Rowena]

ROWENA: Is that what I think it is?!

CROWLEY: Not that it's any of your business.

ROWENA: Let me guess. Bringing it to your wee pal, the Winchester boy. You'd give that to the one person who can harness its power against you. He's a threat to you!

CROWLEY: We've a common enemy, a bigger threat.

ROWENA: Well, if he's not a threat to your life, he's certainly a threat to your credibility. We've talked about what this does to your reputation.

CROWLEY: We are not having this conversation.

ROWENA: Consorting with hunters! Oh, me. Oh, my.

[Crowley walks out of the chamber and down a hallway. Rowena yells after him.]

ROWENA: You honestly believe that they're your friends, that they care about you?!

[Scene changes to nighttime outside a barn. The letters ‘REYN’ can be seen on the side of the barn. The remaining letters are obscured by a shadow. Castiel walks up to Sam and Dean who are standing a ways away from the barn.]

DEAN: Kid here?

CASTIEL: He's nearby. Upstairs in the barn. He's playing with a basketball.

DEAN: Cain will strike soon. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, but soon. [Dean looks over to Sam] And when he does ...

SAM: Yeah, I got it. You charge in with the Blade solo. And the kid? What, we just watch and wait until Cain attacks? I thought this was a rescue mission.

DEAN: We save the kid after Cain shows.

CASTIEL: We know what Cain's after. That's our only advantage. We want to trap Cain, we use it.

SAM: A 12-year-old as bait. I can’t believe what I'm hearing.

CROWLEY [off screen]: Neither can I.

[Sam, Dean and Castiel turn to face Crowley who is walking up to them]

DEAN: What's the matter, Crowley? You suddenly grow a conscience? Too good to put a minor in danger?

CROWLEY: Don't give a damn about the kid. I'm talking about the risk to us.

DEAN: There is no us. You're here for one reason. That's to hand me the Blade.

CROWLEY: Yeah, about that. Seeing as this is shaping up to be one of those, uh, two-step capture then kill kind of deals, I think your buddies would agree it's better to keep the Blade out of your hands until we've got Cain sewn up, just to be safe.

[Dean looks at Sam. Sam shrugs his shoulders in agreement]

CROWLEY: Now, back to this plan of yours.

[Scene changes to Austin playing basketball inside the barn. Sam watches from outside the barn window. Sam turns towards Dean who in turn walks over to Sam. They stand facing each other]

SAM: So... If this works and we capture Cain, then what?

DEAN: We'll cross that bridge when we c... If we come to it.

You know last week, when I said that I would go down swinging when the time came? I meant that I was at peace with that. I just didn't realize the time would come so soon, you know, like right now. I'm scared, Sam.

[Scene changes to outside of the barn. Austin walks out of the barn carrying a basketball. He has earbuds in his ears and we hear music playing.]

♪ ...down in Mexico ♪

♪ got hitched in the house of gin ♪

♪ my hangover will never end ♪

[Austin stops abruptly and turns around.]

AUSTIN: Someone there?

[Austin turns back around and Cain is standing there]

CAIN: Hello, Austin.

AUSTIN: What are you doing here?

CAIN: I'm here to kill you.

[Cain pulls his knife from under his coat]

CASTIEL: No, you won't. Run!

[Austin runs toward the barn. Sam meets him at the door and guides him inside]

CAIN: You can't stop me.

[Castiel raises his hand towards Cain. His eyes glow bright blue and light emanates from his hand. Cain’s hair blows back a little, as if a breeze went by. Castiel returns to normal and looks puzzled. Cain points his knife at Castiel and flicks it to the right. Castiel’s angel blade flies out of his hand. Cain then flicks the knife to the left and Castiel flies through the air and crashes into the side of a truck, landing in the truck bed. Cain walks towards the barn.]

[Sam is inside the barn sliding the doors closed. Austin is standing behind him, further into the barn. There is banging on the doors as Sam holds them closed. The banging stops and Sam turns away from the doors to see Cain standing behind Austin. Austin turns around and faces Cain.]

AUSTIN: [flatly] Don't. Please don't.

[Cain looks over to Sam and stabs Austin in the stomach. Austin disappears in a cloud of purple smoke]

CAIN: Illusion spell.

SAM: Oh, yeah. The real Austin is long gone.

CAIN: 18th-century magic.

[Crowley walks into the barn as Cain is talking.]

CAIN: If I had to hazard a guess, Rune of Amaranth.

CROWLEY: Good eye. Something I picked up from my mother.

CAIN: Well, I know you fear me. I can only assume...

[Cain uses his boot to clear away some hay from the floor to uncover a Devil’s Trap.]

CAIN: Oh. Clever. Won't hold me for long, you know.

SAM: It won't need to.

[Sam and Crowley walk out of the barn, as they pass through the doors Cain looks up and Dean is standing outside the barn looking in at Cain. The doors slide closed.]

[Outside the barn Castiel walks up to Sam, Dean and Crowley, rubbing his head]

SAM : Cas, hey, you okay?

CASTIEL: I'm fine. It worked?

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: My turn.

SAM: Dean, look, we want to help.

DEAN: No. No, with you in the ring, it'd just be a liability.


DEAN: I'd be too worried about what he could do to you... Or what I could. Plus, I need you three out here to take out whatever comes out of there. And I'm serious. I mean whatever comes out.

CROWLEY: Happily.

[Crowley is standing next to Dean. Dean holds up his hand and Crowley holds up the First Blade.]

CROWLEY: What guarantee do I have that you'll give it back when you're done?

DEAN: If I survive and I come out of there and I don't give it back, you'll all have a much bigger problem on your hands.

[Crowley hands Dean the blade. Dean looks intently at the blade as red tendrils spread up his hand.]

SAM: Dean?

DEAN: I'm good.

[Dean walks up a flight of stairs, looking over towards Sam, Castiel and Crowley. He gets to the top and slides open the barn doors. He closes the door behind himself and takes a few steps into the room.]


[Dean is in the barn with Cain. Cain is still inside the Devil’s Trap]

CAIN: Hello, Dean.

At a loss for words, my son? Allow me. [Cain starts pacing around the outside of the circle, kicking straw away] This is the part where you tell me it's not too late and I can lay down arms, abandon my mission. "We don't have to fight".

[Dean walks towards the Devil’s Trap as he speaks]

DEAN: I'll spare us the formalities. You're past talking down. Cain, you're fully mental.

CAIN: Oh, I prefer to think I've finally gotten clear.

[Cain walks around the Devil’s Trap as he speaks.]

CAIN: When I made my bargain with Lucifer, killed Abel, I released a stain upon the earth, a stain deeper and far more lasting than mere precedence.

DEAN: Your bloodline's tainted, so you say.

CAIN: So I know. [Cain stops walking] Not all killers are my descendants, and not all my descendants are killers, but enough are, enough for me to know that extinguishing them is the least I owe this world. Can you honestly tell me that humanity's not better off with fewer Tommy’s and fewer Leon’s... Fewer you’s?

DEAN: And what about the kid?

CAIN: He could go either way. I prefer to be thorough.

[Dean stands at the edge of the Devil’s Trap]

CAIN: How's it feel, Dean, to be holding the Blade again?

[Dean raises the First Blade from his side and looks at it.]

DEAN: It feels like a means to an end.

[Dean steps into the Devil’s Trap.]

CAIN: Then do it.

[Dean makes several attempts to stab Cain with the blade. Cain evades them all and throws Dean to the ground. Dean gets up and tries again, and again Cain throws him to the ground. Dean punches Cain and as he swings the blade up and Cain grabs his wrist. They are both struggling to control the blade.]

CAIN: That seems a bit weaker than I would expect from you with the Blade. [Cain looks Dean in the eyes.] I think you can do better.

[Dean punches Cain in the face.]

CAIN: Unless...

[Dean punches Cain again.]

CAIN: You're holding back.

[Dean lunges at Cain and Cain grabs both his hands. They remain in that grip, struggling for the blade.]

CAIN: What is it, Dean? Do you think if you hold back just enough, you won't succumb? That you'll leave this fight the same as you entered?!

[Cain throws Dean to the ground.]

CAIN: [yelling] Look to my example, boy! There is no resisting the Mark or the Blade. There is only remission and relapse!

[Cain punches Dean savagely and walks away. Dean coughs before getting slowly to his feet.]

DEAN: You told me that this day would come. You told me that I would have to kill you.

CAIN: Is that so?

[Cain holds out his hand and flings Dean across the barn and through a window.]

CAIN: I'm afraid you've misunderstood my intentions here, Dean. When your pet angel found my burial site, I thought about ending him and swatting him like a fly. [Dean gets up and looks around] But then I thought about you. Your biggest weakness, the thing I noticed the moment I met you, your courage, your reckless bravado.

[Dean sees that the Blade is lying on the edge of the Devil's Trap]

CAIN: I let him go, knowing that he would report back to you, knowing you would bring into battle the one thing that can kill me, the one thing I truly want.

[They both look at the Blade. Dean dives forward as Cain holds out his hand, and the First Blade slides along the ground towards Cain. Cain stops it with his boot and picks it up. Red tendrils run up his wrist as he holds the Blade up]

CAIN: Oh, it's been too long. [inhales] That old feeling makes me wonder how I ever had the strength to resist.

[Dean runs to attack Cain. Cain grabs him by the throat.]

CAIN: This may be hard to believe, in light of what I'm about to do to you, but I care about you, Dean. I truly do. But I know I'm doing you a favor. I'm saving you.

DEAN: [choking] Saving me from what?

CAIN: From your fate.

[Cain throws Dean across the room]

CAIN: Has it never occurred to you? [Cain kicks Dean onto his back] Have you never mused upon the fact that you're living my life in reverse? My story began when I killed my brother, and that's where your story inevitably will end.

DEAN: No. Never.

CAIN: [stomps on Dean's chest] It's called the Mark of Cain for a reason. First ... first, you'd kill Crowley. There'd be some strange, mixed feelings on that one, but you'd have your reason. You'd get it done, no remorse.

And then you'd kill the angel, Castiel. Now, that one... that I suspect would hurt something awful. And then!

[Cain lunges to the ground, kneeling over Dean and holding the Blade across his throat. As Cain is talking, Dean sees the knife tucked under his coat.]

CAIN: Then would come the murder you'd never survive, the one that would finally turn you into as much of a savage as it did me.


CAIN: Your brother, Sam. The only thing standing between you and that destiny is this Blade. You're welcome, my son.

[Cain raises his hand to plunge the First Blade into Dean. Dean grabs Cain’s knife from his belt and cuts off Cain’s hand at the wrist, the one holding the First Blade. Blood spurts from his wrist. Cain falls over, grabbing his wrist. Dean gets up and grabs both blades as Cain gets to his knees.]

CAIN: What's the matter?

DEAN: [tearfully] Tell me I don't have to do this. Tell me that you'll stop. Tell me that you can stop!

CAIN: I will never stop.

[Dean walks behind Cain as Cain lowers his head. He raises his arm up and plunges the First Blade into Cain. There's a roll of thunder.]

[A very bruised Dean walks down the stairs to where Sam, Dean and Crowley are waiting.

SAM: Dean?

CROWLEY: Dean, the Blade.

[Dean looks at the blade, walks toward Crowley and then hands the blade to Castiel]

CROWLEY: You lied to me.

DEAN: It's not the first time today. Cain's list ... you weren't on it.

[The camera cuts between Dean and Crowley, and then to Cas. When we come back to see the entire group, Crowley has vanished.

[Dean collapses onto Sam, who holds him up.]

SAM: Hey, hey, hey. You did it. Dean, you did it.

[Dean looks devastated as he looks over Sam’s shoulder.]


[Crowley walks down the hallways of Hell North. He enters the throne room where we see Rowena with two packed bags. Crowley sighs and goes to pour himself a drink.]

ROWENA: Fergus...

CROWLEY: I don't want to hear it, the I-told-you-so's, not now.

[Camera pans to the ground to show Rowena's two bags on the floor.]

CROWLEY: What are you doing?

ROWENA: What's it look like? I'm leaving.

CROWLEY: Another petty manipulation.


CROWLEY: Then what, mother? [yelling] What do you want from me?!

ROWENA: [crying] You can't understand my disappointment... or my pride. [Crowley scoffs] You don't know this, but after I left you, after I was forced to leave you... I heard of your death, your mortal death. I thought you were gone to me forever. Then, hundreds of years later and thousands of miles away, I find you, the King of Hell. [Crowley smiles slightly] And not by luck or accident. You made that happen. All by yourself.

You're not a mother. You can't know what that pride felt like. How huge it was. But can you try to imagine, for me?

Now do you understand why it breaks my heart to see what a colossal numbnut you've become?! [Crowley's face falls] You've got the crown, but you're no ruler, not really! A sad, bored, wee boy on the throne who'll flop ass-up the second those Winchesters... hunters! who'd as soon see you dead as have you to tea... ask you to.

[Rowena turns and grabs her bags]

ROWENA: You're no king, not anymore. [Crowley grabs her by the wrist, forcing her to drop the bags. She turns back to him.] You're their bitch.

[Rowena walks away.]

[We see Dean's bloody knuckles holding a cup. Dean, who is quite hurt, sits at the kitchen table in the Bunker drinking coffee. Sam stands by the coffee maker and pours himself a cup.]

SAM: Dean, um, you know, what you did back there... it was incredible. You know, if you can do that without losing yourself... [Sam sits at the table across from Dean] that's cause for hope, even without a cure.

DEAN: Yeah. Maybe.

[Castiel walks into the room]

DEAN: So, where's the Blade?

CASTIEL: Somewhere safe.

DEAN: Good. Well, if you guys will excuse me, I think I am gonna go sleep for about four days.

SAM: Of course.

[Dean gets up from the table and walks out of the room. As he passes Castiel he pats him on the shoulder.]

CASTIEL: How is he? Sam?

SAM: Cas...

[Sam looks as if he’s about to cry]

SAM: Dean's in trouble.




ROWENA and CROWLEY are listening in boredom to a DEMON giving a pitch.

Contract, perpetuity, binding terms. These are bummer words. Yeah, soul deal numbers are stable, but they could be better. My focus group analytics suggests if our crossroads demons just avoid these negatively valanced expressions - instead, adopting words from my more positively-charged lexicon - we can boost our conversion rate by, at minimum, three percent.

Is it just me, or is this one as thick as mince?

A bit naff, isn't it? Crossroads demons coming off as desperate car salesmen. Using the word "awesome". Can you imagine it? Yeah, well, I'm all for boosting numbers, but style is still important.

Tell me about it. Witches today-- Sorry, Wiccans. They're slobs. They think they can pull off the look with one trip to the shopping center. Some purple lipstick and a henna tattoo, and Bob's your uncle. Fanny's your aunt. Done.

King? Should I just stop?

CROWLEY (in unison with ROWENA)
Did I tell you to stop?!

ROWENA (in unison with CROWLEY)
Did he ask you to stop?!

ROWENA and CROWLEY share a look before CROWLEY gestures for the DEMON to continue.

No, sir, uh... There's no reason we can't achieve the same results here.

ROWENA smirks.



CASTIEL walks into the barn with a duffel bag where CROWLEY is waiting.

Looking a little wan there, Cassie. How's that grace of yours holding up?

It's fine, Crowley. I'm fine.

Sure. The clock's ticking again, isn't it? So heroic. Running errands all over the U.S., burning through that rather finite supply of grace, all in a desperate effort to save your boyfriend.

What about you, Crowley? Dropping everything, bringing the First Blade... Surely it cost you something to be here. Maybe he's your boyfriend.

Hmm. (looking up at DEAN) Not my type.