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Title Nightmare
Episode # Season 1, Episode 14
First aired February 7, 2006
Directed by Phil Sgriccia
Written by Sera Gamble
Raelle Tucker
On IMDB Nightmare
Outline Sam's visions lead Sam and Dean to a murderous telekinetic boy whose mother shared the same fate as Mary.
Monster Special Children
Max Miller
Location(s) Saginaw, Michigan
Elk Rapids, Michigan
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Sam has a nightmare in which he sees a man get trapped inside his garage and die from carbon monoxide poisoning. He wakes Dean and insists they must try to prevent it. Using the license plate on the car Sam saw in his dream, they track the owner to Saginaw, Michigan. They arrive just as the paramedics are removing the body of Jim Miller from the garage. The police assume he killed himself, but Sam thinks something supernatural was responsible.

The next day, disguised as priests, they visit the house and speak to Roger Miller, Jim's brother, and his wife Alice. Sam speaks to his son Max Miller, a young man about Sam's age who, like his mother, reports a normal happy family life. Dean searches the house with the infrared thermal scanner, but finds no evidence of the supernatural.

Back at the motel, the boys are continuing research into the Millers and their house when Sam has a painful vision of Roger Miller being decapitated by his kitchen window. They rush to his apartment. When Roger arrives home, they attempt to warn him. He ignores them, and is soon after killed in the exact manner that Sam foresaw in his vision.

Sam and Dean return to the Miller household to speak to Max. Max becomes upset when he speaks of the old house he and his family used to live in, where his uncle lived next door. Sam and Dean visit the neighborhood, and a neighbor who knew the Millers tells the boys that Max was regularly and severely assaulted by his father and uncle, and that Alice (who is actually his stepmother) never did anything to stop it. Suddenly Sam has another vision, this time of Max making a carving knife fly towards his stepmother and stab her through the eye. Sam thinks Max may have telekinetic abilities, and that having a psychic power may be the link between them.

They rush to the house and find Max and Alice in the kitchen, where the events in Sam's vision are occurring. Max sees that Dean has a gun and uses his power to get hold of it. Max then slams Alice against the kitchen counter, knocking her out. Sam convinces Max to let Dean take Alice upstairs while they talk. Sam tries to convince Max not to hurt his stepmother, but Max is angry. He informs them that the beatings did not stop when he was a child but have continued. He also reveals that, like Sam, his mother died in a nursery fire when he was six months old and that his powers began manifesting six months ago. Deaf to Sam's pleas to stop killing, Max uses his power to lock Sam in a closet.

Upstairs, Max threatens Alice and Dean with the gun. Inside the closet, Sam has a vision of Max shooting Dean in the head. In response to this horrifying image, Sam discovers a new psychic power as he inadvertently moves the cupboard blocking the closet door, presumably via telekinesis. Sam is able to save Dean, but not before Max turns the gun on himself.

As they prepare to leave town, Sam reveals to Dean that he moved the furniture with his mind. Dean reassures Sam that he won't let anything happen to him, but he is clearly worried.




  • "2 + 2 = ?" by The Bob Seger System
(plays at the beginning, when Jim pulls his car in the garage)
  • "Lucifer" by by The Bob Seger System
(plays on the radio as Sam and Dean drive to Michigan)


  • "Money and Dealers" by Flickerstick
(plays at the beginning, when Jim pulls his car in the garage)
  • "Someone Else" by The Peasants
(plays on the radio as Sam and Dean drive to Michigan)


Dean: Sammy, relax. I'm sure it's just a nightmare.

Sam: Yeah, tell me about it.
Dean: I mean it. Y'know, a normal, everyday, naked-in-class, nightmare. This license plate, it won't check out. You'll see.

Sam: It felt different Dean. Real. Like when I dreamt about our old house. And Jessica.
Sam: What.

Dean: Nothing. I'm just, I'm worried about you man.
Sam: Well, don't look at me like that!

Dean: I'm not looking at you like anything. Though I gotta say, you do look like crap.
Dean: Well, if there was a demon or poltergeist in there you think somebody would have noticed something? I used the infrared thermal scanner, man, and there was nothing.
Dean: If you're gonna hurl I'll pull the car over, you know, 'cause the upholstery...
Sam: Well, I know one thing I have in common with these people.

Dean: What's that?
Sam: Both our families are cursed.
Dean: Our family's not cursed! We just... had our dark spots.
Sam: Our dark spots are... pretty dark.

Dean: You're... dark.
Max: All these people kept coming with like, casseroles? I finally had to tell them all to go away. You know, 'cause nothing says "I'm sorry" like a tuna casserole.
Sam: I didn't even realize it but this whole time, he was there. He was outside the garage when his dad died, he was in the apartment when his Uncle died. These visions, this whole time -- I wasn't connecting to the Millers, I was connecting to Max! The thing is I don't get why, man. I guess -- because we're so alike?

Dean: What are you talking about. The dude's nothing like you.
Sam: Well. We both have psychic abilities, we both...
Dean: Both what? Sam, Max is a monster, he's already killed two people, now he's gunning for a third.

Sam: Well, with what he went through, the beatings, to want revenge on those people? I'm sorry, man, I hate to say it, but it's not that insane.
Max: When I first found out I could move things it was a gift. My whole life I was helpless but now I had this. So last week Dad gets drunk. The first time in a long time. And he beats me to hell, first time in a long time. And then I knew what I had to do.

Sam: Why didn't you just leave?
Max: It wasn't about getting away. Just knowing they would still be out there. It was about... not being afraid. When my Dad used to look at me, there was hate in his eyes. Do you know what that feels like?

Sam: No.
Sam: Listen to me Max. What your dad said, about what happened to your Mom. It's real.

Max: What?
Sam: It happened to my Mom too, exactly the same. My nursery, my crib, my Dad saw her on the ceiling.
Max: Your Dad must have been as drunk as mine.

Sam: No, no. It's the same thing, Max. The same thing killed our mothers.
Dean: Now then. I know what we need to do about your premonitions. I know where we have to go.

Sam: Where?

Dean: Vegas... What? Come on man. Craps tables. We'd clean up!

Trivia & References

Dean: Good afternoon. I'm Father Simmons, this is Father Frehley.
References to Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley of KISS.
Dean: So, he's psychic? He's a spoon-bender?

Dean: [holding up a spoon to Sam] Bend this.

Spoon-bending was the signature feat of famous self-described "psychic" Uri Gellar. Gellar claimed one of his first telekinetic acts was accidentally breaking a spoon during a meal when he was 4, and several televised recordings of his performances showed him bending spoons, among other tricks.
Sam: McCreedy. Detective McCreedy, badge number 15A.
The 1988 shlock horror movie Hobgoblins, features a character called Mr. McCreedy.


Sam and Dean stay at the Escanade Motel in Saginaw, Michigan. This is the first motel room in the series with a distinctive theme, it's furnished like a hunting cabin. The Deer's Head makes its first appearance in this episode.
The starburst clock shows up again in this episode in Sam and Dean's first motel room. Previous episodes it has been in are 1.05 Bloody Mary and 1.13 Route 666
In the gag reel, there is a scene from the filming of this episode where Jared and Jensen are in sleeveless versions of their priest outfits. Jensen introduces them as Chippendales dancers. Chippendales is known for its erotic male dancing.

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