1.11 You've Got a Friend

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Title You've Got a Friend
Episode # Season 1, Episode 11
First aired February 21, 2023
Directed by Lisa Soper
Written by Nicole Desperito
On IMDB You've Got a Friend
Monster Akrida
Shadow Spirits
Timeline Immediately after 1.10 Suspicious Minds
Location(s) Lawrence, Kansas
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Dean: Being a Hunter means always being on the move, No matter how hard you plan, no matter how hard you work, at a certain point, we all run out of road. It's what we do at those crossroads that defines us.






John: See, when I was in Basic, they told us that if we ever got captured, that our only job was not to tell the enemy anything. But here you are, telling me everything.

Detective: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

John: It means that you played your hand. You see, if you're willing to go through all of this to find him then, well, that guy, whoever he is, is a threat to you. And your former leader, well, when she was in control of Roxy, she said that nothing of this Earth can harm you. So if he's a threat to you, and nothing of this Earth can harm you, well... that would mean he's not of this Earth. Which explains why you look like a scared little baby.
Carlos: Lata, you know I am prone to long, slow-build, catharsis-driven theater, but I don't think we have time for a one-act play here.
Betty: I'd say thank you for letting me behind the curtain, but... I'm not sure how happy I am to know about your Monster Club.

Mary: Yeah, I get it. I've been a card-carrying member since I was a little kid. Kinda wish I didn't know about it either.
Betty: I'm sorry.
Mary: Thank you for helping John out.

Betty: Thank you for looking out for him.
John: Look, um... Bets, you really put it all on the line, so thank you.

Betty: Well, sometimes doing the right thing means doing the wrong thing. Okay, then. We never had this conversation and I never saw where you went. Just lay low, okay? Millie and I will look into clearing your name. There has to be a witness, someone who saw something.
John: Thank you.
Betty: Um, okay. Take the back roads out of town. And, uh, stay off the interstate until you're clear of the county.

John: Will do.
Lata: I don't want a truth bracelet to be the only reason why I share things with you. So... there's one more thing you should know.

Carlos: Okay. No judgments. Promise.
Lata: My parents aren't dead. I'm sorry. I - I only said that because it was easier to say that than to explain what they did.
Carlos: As far as I'm concerned, your parents are dead to me, so... I still have nothing but love for you.
Lata: Do you think Mary and John will feel the same way? It's just I've been lying to them for so long.

Carlos: If you need time to tell them your story, take it, because it's your story to tell. But I can almost assure you, they won't love you any less. Same as me.
Mary: What is it?

John: Nothin'. I... I, uh... I just keep seeing it.
Mary: Kyle. That's not on you.
John: I know. I do. It's hard.

Mary: I know. But the only way we're gonna make the Akrida pay for what they did to Kyle is by finding this guy.

Trivia & References

Lata: We were on our way to see Alice Cooper at the Cowtown Ballroom.
Alice Cooper played a gig at the Cowtown Ballroom in Kansas City on Dec 16, 1971. This is his setlist.
Lata: We had just stopped for snacks 'cause Maggie was obsessed with Toastettes.
"Toastettes" were created by Nabisco in 1967 to compete with Kellogg's Pop-Tarts. The brand was discontinued in 2002.
When the Akrida possessed dectective asks John who the man in the picture is (who we know to be Dean), John gives the aliases Jeff Beck, Eric Bloom and Levon Helm who are all famous American musicians.
Lata: So when I noticed some leftover gulab jamun, after dessert, I didn't think anyone would miss it. So I took the tray and I came here... to Sania's quarters to share with her.
Gulab Jamun is an Indian dessert which is a type of fried dumpling served in a spiced sugar syrup.


The revelation that Lata's parents are still alive makes it clear that the person that she called for information on Bori Baba in 1.03 You're Lost Little Girl, the one that she wasn't sure would answer her call, is her estranged father.

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